Another service and product of Datam Company is the supply of construction monorails. Which is sometimes called Climber Riley. And as its name suggests, it is a device that moves with the help of rails. And this movement is usually done as a transverse movement in the building. In this article, we are going to examine this type of climber and finally find out what this construction equipment is suitable for. And in what jobs and conditions it is inefficient. When we talk about monorails, we often think of a picture of a passenger train on a rail. The word mono in Latin means single and well monorail means single rail.

It is interesting to note that the monorail patent in its current form dates back to the nineties. But in fact, the beginning of this invention dates back to the 50s in Germany. What was made at that time was made entirely of steel and, of course, 10 times larger than today’s monorails.

Monorail is undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) devices in the world for accessing a building facade. The monorail can be equipped with a BMU such as the one below or the climber platforms. Of course, BMU systems are also equipped with an aluminum wagon. Building maintenance unit is a device used to maintain and repair tall buildings. Climbers and monorails can have a beautiful color and shape so that its presence does not damage the design of the building facade. Of course, sometimes in very high buildings you can not see the monorail. It is also possible to install monorail pedestals so that they are not visible to the public indoors. Of course, this is a different type of monorail.

Monorail movement can be both motor and mechanical, depending on the application and conditions. Small monorails can be moved even by hand. Which is moved by a box wire. These boxes are usually a few meters below the cabin. For more convenience in moving, motorized (electric) pulleys are commonly used, which also have buttons to control this movement. Which is located inside the wagon. Also for steep movements, an electric ascent motor is always needed that has all the safety elements. Climbers have the ability to create vertical movements to move materials and so on. Monorails can be driven vertically and horizontally with the help of electric motors to access different levels of the building according to different needs.

There are several reasons to choose a monorail for construction work. First of all, they are designed to increase the level of access of technicians and workers to different parts of the building. They are much more effective and safer than temporary scaffolding and industrial ladders and even hydraulic devices such as MEWP.

Secondly, monorails are a great tool for replacing systems called Spiderman. Systems that are used to climb and move on the facade of the building for washing, etc. and are equipped with tow and restraint system. These systems are definitely very dangerous and not comparable in safety to monorails.

Compared to BMU or RoofCar systems, horizontal monorails are always a cheaper option. Monorails are also smaller in size and therefore invisible from a distance from the street. Also, when not in use, only the main structure of the monorail without a cabin will be visible. Therefore, it has the least negative impact on the facade of your building.

Another place where monorails will be very efficient is in buildings with little backup space. Monorail is the only suitable option in such backs. This creates an empty space to create green backs, professional ventilation systems and any device and equipment that needs back space. Most importantly, space may be provided to add a floor to the building. And all this means more money for you.

When the backrest surface is sloping. Climbing monorails are often the only solution. In addition, a monorail is the best option if an indoor access system is installed. There is no need to take up more space and the monorail also offers more cost savings.



Where is monorail not very useful?

Despite the advantages of this system, monorail is not applicable in all buildings. Depending on the design and specific conditions of the building and the height that the cabin must go. And how to move this, naturally, the amount of cable, the amount of electricity required will definitely increase. And naturally the weight will also increase. Therefore, the maximum displacement of the cabin in this case will be about 170 meters.

Very tall buildings should have a BMU Roof Car on their roof. Because the monorails are at a fixed distance from the building facade, the system is not as flexible as the telescopic roof. Especially for buildings with complex facades like the picture below.

Finally, some monorails seem ugly to some and are not used in buildings for aesthetic reasons. Of course, this depends entirely on our definition of beauty and the design that is done. Now suppose we ask you which of the following buildings looks more beautiful? One of the following buildings is equipped with a monorail and the other with a roof.

Concluding remarks

If you are looking to use Monorail and other climbers or equipment like this and you are worried about its high costs, contact us now. For this purpose, Datam Company has offered rental climbers and rental monorails. If you have an idea in mind or have a special need in your project, contact us so that we can guide you.

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