What is Climer?

You probably hear a lot of architectural and construction terms during the day or at work. Many of us do not know these terms, which are usually English. While knowing the meaning of these words both enhances our general knowledge and makes us (if we work in the field of construction) have more control over our job. Climber or elevator is one of these terms that we know more about in this article. Climbers are one of the main components of any construction project, the presence of which will make the work easier and faster.

Exactly what kind of climber structures are we talking about?

The climber machine, in simple terms, can be a kind of elevator. But a different elevator! Climber is a type of forklift that helps to reach employees and workers in construction areas and buildings under construction. With the climber, people can access the facades of tall buildings, easily climb dams and bridges, and have complete control over oil tanks and silos. Sometimes installing facades or making minor changes to the upper parts of the building will only be possible with climbers. In new buildings, scaffolding can be used as a substitute for scaffolding.

What are the uses of the climber device?

Climber has many applications in construction, the most important of which is to provide access to construction agents, that is, access to the facade of tall buildings and perform construction operations in them. Climbers help us in these cases:

Repair and maintenance



Install composite panel

Reconstruction and display of very tall buildings or structures

How does Climber work?

The climber is connected to the two legs by towing motors with winch motors to keep it in place. These two support legs at the top of the building are connected by four tow wires to the winch motors inside the lift basket. For safety, the climber has emergency brakes inside its motors, and in addition, several separate tow wires are attached to these brakes to prevent the device from falling. Climbers are a relatively safe device for construction workers. In mechanical climbers, the lifting basket is moved by hand.

People have to turn the winch (which is attached to the holding wires) so that the climber starts moving and is directed up or down. Electric climbers, however, go up and down with the electromotor system, and for this reason their application is very wide compared to mechanical types. The special keys move this device and the electric climber device for buildings and tall towers has no restrictions in use.

Learn more about different types of climbers

Climbers can be broadly divided into two categories: portable climbers and the climber system. In this section, we examine both in full:

Portable Climber: As the name implies, this climber device can be easily assembled and assembled and moved to another place after finishing work. These portable climbers can be used permanently or temporarily in a construction project. Assembled and disassembled equipment of portable climbers are:


  1. Roof structures:

    Basket, balance weights


    Beam or arm related to hanging points

    Balance or support

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    Climber’s carry basket

    Electric gearbox and power box

    Safety Brakes

    Power cable

    Towing wires that hang from roof structures

    Synchronizer system

    Power outage system at a certain height

    Overload system

    Climber system: Climber system type system, in fact, unlike portable climbers are fixed.

    These devices are designed for skyscrapers or very tall buildings, because each of these buildings has its own characteristics and it is not possible to assemble and use a fixed climber device for all of them. The climber system can move in three axes vertically, horizontally and diagonally in the building. There are different types of climber systems:

    Mono Rail Climber System: These climbers are relayed around the building and move around the building horizontally by electric or manual trolley, much like normal rails.
    Roof machine climber system: The horizontal movement of these climbers is provided by a wheeled machine that moves on the roof. The platform of this climber will hang from the arms installed on this car and on the facade surface.
    Roof Rail Car Climbers System: These climbers are a combination of the first and second types.
    Telescopic climber systems: These systems are mounted on a central point on the roof (the highest part of the building) and move telescopically in four directions.

    Imran Datam, supplier of quality climbers

    From Datam Civil Development Group, you can buy all kinds of construction equipment with the best price and quality. Forklifts and climbers are just two of our product types, visit this page to see all services and products. You can rent a climber (for as long as you need it) and also buy this device for you. To rent or buy or find out the price of a climber, all you have to do is call one of our numbers or visit the company in person. See. All contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

    Rental climber for your convenience in short-term projects

    Climber rental is a better option for projects that end quickly or require constant equipment replacement. Your rental climber consists of the following components:

    Lifting winches
    Basket or cabin (can be changed from 1 meter to 6 meters)
    Restraining structures (baskets, weights, handles and hinges)
    Emergency brake (parachute brake)
    Electrical switchboard for control with emergency breaker

    You can call our numbers to know the price of the climber and to order your rental climber.

    Universal rules for using climbers

    Under international law, the use of scaffolding for buildings with more than five floors is illegal and does not provide the necessary security for workers. However, due to non-compliance and lack of funding, many high-rise buildings across the country still use scaffolding.

    All employees must learn to use the clipper beforehand and receive a rope, gloves, helmet and seat belt. Installation, commissioning and training of use is usually done by the supply companies and workers must be present during this process.

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