Safety in rental climber

Rental climbers must have high safety due to their special conditions

In general, two types of brakes are used in rental climbers, which we will discuss below

The braking system is at height, which is also called magnetic brake, this brake is connected to the main shaft of the climber motor.

It is called an emergency braking system.

1) Magnetic brake in rental climber

This type of brake is activated when you press the engine shutdown button and prevents the engine from moving further, this part makes the climber stand wherever you want.

The operation of this brake is that when the power is turned on, the magnet is activated and causes the brake to not work. When you press the power button, the power is cut off and the magnet property is lost and the brake works.

2) Emergency brake on rental climber

An emergency brake is a type of brake that is separate from the winch and works independently. Its operating structure is completely mechanical, which operates in an instant. Or if the climber basket deviates more than the allowable limit, the parachute brake enters into action and locks, so that the device stands on the second tow wire. صورت لحظه ای و مکانیکی عمل می کند.

کلایمر اجاره ای

ترمز اضطراری در کلایمر اجاره ای به شکل زیر است

کلایمر اجاره ای

3) Parachute brake

Parachute brake is a type of brake that is installed on the main tow wire and does not have an independent tow wire. This brake is activated when the speed of the device is higher than normal and is locked on the main tow wire.

کلایمر اجاره ای

Rental climbers have standards such as IPI and EN1808, to receive these standards must have magnetic brakes, emergency brakes.

The parachute brake is a brake that must be closed for heights above 120 meters.

Accordingly, the parachute brake can in no way replace the emergency brake. The only use of the parachute brake is to increase the safety factor, which is located in the path of the main tow wire.


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