Portable climber and climber rental

The facade lifting basket, which is used for activities on the facade, is known in Iran as Climber. Many people are looking to rent a climber.

In fact, this device is used to access the walls of dams, bridges, facades of high-rise buildings, tanks, silos, etc., in order to display, clean, paint, maintain and repair, install composite panels and generally reconstruct structures that They are difficult to access.

Climber equipment

Climber consists of parts that can be easily assembled and set up in the fastest time.

Climber rental has the ability to stay on the facade of the building forever, or dismantle it again after meeting the need and go to the warehouse or to the next project.

اجاره کلایمر

Technical information on climber rental
Climber equipment consists of two main parts:
Roof structures such as baskets containing balance weights, anti-lift tow ropes, columns, beams or arms, front balance cabinets for balance, etc.
Platform or portfolio of electric motors and composite gearboxes – electrical panel or steering box – emergency brakes or parachutes – power cables – tow wires that hang from roof structures and other equipment such as motor brakes at height, get rid of When the power goes out and ….

Arm length and number of weights for roof structures depends on the final capacity of the device and the amount of load that is used in the driving force.

The type of engine and gearbox and its capacity are also selected according to the length of the basket and the number of people working on it. Usually, the platform length of these lifts varies from 2 meters to 6 meters and the capacity of the motors is from 400 kg to 1 ton.

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