Foam concrete (lightweight concrete)

Foam concrete consists of a combination of cement, water and foam liquid. Foam liquid after mixing with water in the foam machine produces air bubbles and while mixing with cement, foam concrete liquid is produced.

This product has different applications due to its unique physical properties as a lightweight concrete with the necessary strength and optimal quality:


Flooring is one of the most important and widespread applications of foam concrete. By replacing foam concrete instead of mineral pumice, about 30 kg per square meter is lightened and three times the thermal and acoustic insulation is done on the floor.

Cavity filler

Due to its high fluidity, it is used to fill cavities and stabilize them on all types of pipes, tunnels, tanks and places where light filler is needed as a soil alternative.

Integrated walls

Foam concrete can be produced with high-speed and cheap integrated systems, houses and walls.

Roof slope

Due to its high resistance and lack of heat and moisture penetration, foam concrete is the best method for sloping and lightening the roof.


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