Foam concrete and its characteristics

This article summarizes the features that a good foam concrete should have.

Low cement consumption

Consumption of cement in foam concrete should be low.

Not only because of the higher cost of buying cement; Excessive consumption of cement deteriorates the quality of foam concrete and makes it difficult to maintain and durable foam concrete, and in cases where the foam concrete is non-standard, it must be completely collected.

Standard resistance

It should have the standard resistance in the flooring of the building with the lowest consumption of cement so that it does not loosen under the stones after a few years.

For residential units the compressive strength is 12 kg / cm2 and for parking 25 kg / cm2.

Being light

Must have the lowest weight.

This will prevent the walls of the building from cracking in the future and the building will be more resistant to earthquakes because more weight will cause more instability and damage to the building during an earthquake.

Implementation of sloping

Must be able to do roof and kitchen slopes, etc. correctly.

Because if the slopes are not created properly, you have to do it again with the higher costs that you give to the building and by spending a lot of time (which causes more costs such as electricity, water, etc. of the building) but someone is successful who has zero to one hundred Do the work with foam concrete.

Direct adhesion of gypsum

It must have a bituminous adhesion which, if it does not have this condition, will cause the cost of the building to be re-applied and the cost of mortar for the foam concrete surface to be done again.

Because the surface of the standard foam concrete mix is ​​perfectly smooth, it consumes half the bitumen of traditional flooring and reduces the cost of construction.

Work surface strength

It should not be puffy foam concrete and should have high strength; Because if it is puffy, it causes more mortar to be poured (before the stone is applied), that is, it re-lays the floor and repeats the cost.

If it is too puffy, it should be collected.


Chrome plating must be done in large numbers; For example, in 100 meters, 30 chrome dots. Because a large number of chromium makes you have a smooth surface for masonry, and as a result, the mortar used under the stone and ceramic becomes uniform by 3 cm, but if chrome plating is not done or the number of chromium is insufficient, the thickness of the mortar will not be uniform and will cost more. Decreased adhesion quality of stone and ceramics.

No surface drop

It should not have any drop from the chrome that closes.

Experience has shown that non-standard concrete foam settles by 3 to 4 cm, and this drop in foam concrete causes the mortar under the stone to rise to 8 cm instead of 4 cm, which increases the cost.

Possibility to run in large thicknesses

It should be able to run in diameters and chrome above 10 cm and not lose its quality.

Because in some buildings, chrome is placed more than 10 cm, such as buildings where the building stairs have risen above the floor of the unit, or fire pipes and fire extinguishers have passed through the floor of the units, or some roofs that have a lot of unevenness.

Drying time

Execution concrete foam should take some time to dry. For example, one day in heat and 2 to 3 days in cold. In addition to the fact that time is important for builders and some contractors must start working after the foam concrete has dried, the long drying time in the foam concrete will cause the foam concrete mixture to deteriorate.

Ability to absorb water

Must have a balanced water absorption (about 22%).

In this way, the adhesion of the mortar under the stone to the floor and to the stone itself will be desirable.

If the water absorption is low, the mortar will not dry well and will not have good adhesion.


In addition to providing the right quality, the foam concrete machine must also have a high speed so that the work process is not too long and the facilities are covered faster and the next contractors can start their work.

No spraying slurry

Foam concrete machine should not be sprayed on the wall.

Because in addition to wasting materials and making the interior of the building ugly, it makes the plaster work more. Even if the plasterer cleans the walls, the bump will still remain under the whitewash and will adversely affect its quality.

No water falling from the ceiling

Foam concrete mortar should be such that even after the whitewashing of the ceilings and walls, it is done without water falling from the ceiling and does not cause any damage.

Necessary strength for parking flooring

Ability to perform parking slope with resistance above the floor level of the units.

Because parking slope in the traditional way requires a lot of materials and is very time consuming and costly.

Standard compressive strength

Must have successfully passed compressive strength tests.

Acceptance in quality control tests means that it has a compressive strength of 12 kg / cm2 for residential units and 25 kg / cm2 for parking.

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