Datam foam foaming liquid

In the production of lightweight concrete, one of the most important parameters is the use of suitable and high quality foaming fluid. After diluting with a certain amount of water, the foaming liquid combines with the air to produce a very resistant foam. The produced floor bubbles must have a suitable resistance and remain stable against the physical and chemical forces caused by mixing with concrete and emptying in the formwork and then remaining until the initial setting of concrete. The important point in choosing a suitable foam is the compatibility of foaming liquid with cement and concrete. In general, foams are divided into two general categories: protein foams and chemical foams. Of course, names such as vegetable foam, nano foam, acid foam, etc. are the only commercial titles for marketing, and most of these materials include ordinary chemical foams. Are. Chemical foams are usually colorless or clear, and if you apply some chemical foam to your hands, a soapy, slippery foam will form just like soap liquid. Datam Civil Development Company produces two categories of high quality foam for use in foam concrete machines and lightweight concrete parts under the brand names DT800 and DT400.



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