Three-phase foam concrete machine, two-function pump menu, model D220A

Menu pump The foam concrete machine creates a pump by rotating a polished metal part (rotor) inside a flexible rubber part (stator) and in the opposite direction.

Increasing and decreasing the diameter of the rotor and stator of the machine as well as increasing and decreasing the speed of the electric motor driven decreases and increases the pumping power or suction of foam concrete and allows the contractor to select the desired pumping power in proportion to the height of the delivered concrete. .

This possibility, while reducing the depreciation of the foam concrete machine, is a great help to perform cleaner and more accurate foam concrete and is a valuable advantage for the machine. In addition, this system has an extremely low depreciation.

Technical specifications of the three-phase dual-purpose foam concrete machine of the D220A pump menu

Device mixer:

Volume 2 cubic meters (dual core mixer)
Engine 7.5 hp Siemens Germany or Motogen
First-class CEW gearbox

Foam injector:

750 liter air compressor
Pressure regulator
Engine 5.5 horsepower Siemens Germany or Motogen
2.5-inch foam transfer launcher
Solenoid “2 (Pentax Italy)

Concrete pump:

Pump menu with Behlool or Asia brand
Engine 20 horsepower German Siemens or Motogen
Pumping height 60 m
Production of 80 to 100 cubic meters of foam concrete
Production of 30 to 35 cubic meters of block (CLC)


6 inches with 5.5 horsepower German Siemens or Motogen engine (for cement transfer)
6 inches with 5.5 horsepower German Siemens or Motogen engine (for sand transfer)


Four wheels with Nissan axle
Steering wheel rotation system

Electrical panel :

Piano model
Hyundai or LG interior parts
20 hp inverter (Telemecanique made in France)

accessories :

Floor pump “2 inches
High pressure spring hose 50 meters
First-class accessories and valves

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