Terms of maintenance of all climber components in climber rental
Maintenance and repair of the main engine and its timely service in renting a climber

The tow ropes and the surface of the climber motors must always be clean when renting the climber (ie electric motors, winch and gearboxes), this will prevent small objects from entering the motor and damaging the motors.

One of the most important parts of a climber carrier is its gearbox. This gearbox must be inspected every year by the technicians selling the device and its gears must be repaired or replaced.

After working with the device, it should be covered on the engines to prevent rainwater or any materials and liquids from penetrating into the engine.

2- Service and maintenance of side brakes in climber rental

The brakes and tow ropes of the climber device should always be clean and any object such as cement, dirt, stone, etc. should be prevented from entering the brakes.

Before starting to work, the side brakes of the climber should be tested. They should be avoided from colliding with obstacles during the work, and after finishing the work, the brakes should be properly covered to prevent the infiltration of rainwater, dust and … stay safe.

According to the company’s instructions, the brakes must be serviced every 6 months. If the side brakes are active in dusty, humid and viscous environments, they should be serviced every three months.

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3- Maintenance of tow wires

If the tow wire is completely damaged in the part where the clamp is fastened, it should be cut off from that part and re-clamped to that creep according to the installation rules.

The surface of the tow wire should be checked regularly and kept clean of any dirt to prevent damage.

If the tow wire is torn but not to the extent that it needs to be replaced, it should be repaired as much as possible in the defective area (the torn wires should be connected to the main core of the wire), but if the tear was more than standard, it should be Replace the desired wire in the fastest time.

4- Maintenance of restraining structures in climber rental

All connections that include:

Pins, bolts and nuts should be checked by the operator before starting work to ensure they are loose or missing or not deformed by impact. In case of deformation of structural components, the company’s technicians should solve the problems.

All contaminants added to structures such as (paint, cement, soot, grease, etc.) must be removed in a timely manner because otherwise they will be more difficult to clean.

When transporting the climber, all components and parts must be handled with care to prevent damage and deformation.

5- Maintenance of electrical components and parts in climber rental

The electrical panel of the climber must always be clean and no tools or other parts must be placed inside it.

The main power cable in the switchboard must be fastened to the body of the basket before connecting to the socket inside the box so that the weight of the wire is not imposed on the switchboard socket when climbing and does not cause it to detach from the socket when climbing and at height.

All electrical connections should be inspected regularly to ensure that the components are not loose or damaged. If some electrical parts are broken or damaged, they should be replaced by a qualified electrician.

After finishing with the climber, disconnect the power from the main meter of the building and lock the control box and cover it with a suitable cover.

6- Periodic service

If the climber is used regularly, it should be checked every two months.

If the climber is not used regularly, it should be serviced every 300 hours.

A climber that has not worked for more than a month must be serviced before restarting.

7- Overhaul period in climber rental

An engine that has been in operation for more than a year or 300 days must be overhauled. If the work environment has dust, moisture, etc., this period of major repairs can be shorter.

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