Safety in climber is divided into two basic parts:
Regulations for work at height and general safety (safety in climber)
Safety of the device and its equipment and accessories and their inspection
Public safety department and regulations
A) Observe personal safety tips:

Every person who is placed on the climber should use their life-saving devices such as safety shoes, anti-cut gloves, helmets, full-body belts, etc.

B) Use of rope to prevent falling:

In addition to safe climber equipment, this system is for saving a person’s life, and it is arranged in such a way that a rope is pulled from the roof (highest point) to the lowest point. This rope should be in the direction of the movement of the climber basket that is fixed to the building and one of the most important features of this system is load bearing up to 300 kg. People who tie the full wind attach to the rope and this system prevents people from falling from heights.

C) Installation and commissioning

The climber must be operated by experts who have undergone installation and commissioning courses, and it is very important to avoid working with the climber when you are drowsy or when you have used sleeping pills separately because Working with a clipper requires a great deal of vigilance.

D) Check

Before using the clipper, be sure to check all connections, weights, clamps, electrical system (with the help of qualified people), etc.

E) Familiarity with the symptoms

The operator must be familiar with all the signs on the electrical panel, especially the load limit panel and the capacity of the device.

The operator should not put more pressure on the device than the allowable load and should impose weight according to the specifications on the device plate.

C) Prohibition in special circumstances

Use the device in conditions of storm, snow, rain or strong wind (wind speed more than 12 km per hour)

Use of the device during lightning is prohibited.

It is not allowed to use ladders, four legs, etc. to access higher points.

G) Getting off or getting on board

Climber should only be dismounted or mounted when the basket is on the ground and you should not disembark at height or enter through a window or move from one basket to another at a separate height.

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