Regular inspections, service and maintenance and rental of climbers

Climber rental time to use this device should be according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Things to look for before you start and rent a climber:

– Standard bolts and nuts related to the climber platform, all pins, connected parts, must be tightened and any scratches or looseness must be removed, structures, guard position, platform body in terms of rust, Crushing, tilting and cracking, etc. should be investigated, recorded and reported.

– Before renting a climber, check the engine lubrication and check the distance between the plates (discs) of the electromagnetic brake to be in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard.

Check the bolts or pins connecting the motor to the bottom of the platform.

– When the safety brake jaws are open, the towline must move freely inside them. Check the brake connection to the body of the climber platform or motor.

The lever or arm of the safety brake lock must move completely freely.

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– Steering wheel control box, power cable, control chassis and power socket should work well. The limit switches should also be inspected and their performance verified.

Climber motors should not make abnormal noises while working up and down. Also, do not overheat the engines while operating.

Unconventional high temperature of the engines indicates a problem and a defect in the engines.

Therefore, in such cases, the work should be stopped and the platform should be lowered to the ground for troubleshooting.

– The operation of electromagnetic brakes should be normal and should not have more heat and no unusual sound and smell.

In addition, to ensure the proper operation of the electromagnetic braking system, it can be checked that when the climber is lowered, whenever the hand is removed from the landing button, the climber should stop at the same moment and there should be no extra falls.

Therefore, if more than 10 cm of downward movement continues when pressing the landing button and removing the hand from it, the electromagnetic braking system should be inspected and serviced.

– In case of overload, the device should not move upwards.

– The manual handle to steer the climber in the downward direction (no power mode) should operate and lower the platform at normal speed.

– Climber side brake systems must work properly and operate automatically if angled.

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