Professional electric climber DT1000

Setting up a professional electric climber:

Place the basket on the ground in balance and control the closing parts.
Install the installation equipment of this device correctly in its place.
Open the steel wire rope properly and in the right direction and make sure there are no deformations on it.
Pay attention to the factory recommendations in using the required equipment and electrical source.
Use a suitable plug and socket to connect the device to the power supply.
Note that the four tow wires used are two on the left and two on the right.
All four tow wires should be well installed in the climber hook section.
In the control panel
Switch No. 1 is used to select the device mode (right motor with left motor or both motors simultaneously).
Switch 2 is used to move the basket up and down.
The load wire located on the right side passes through the locking brake pulley, then guide the tow wire through the hole above the climber and allow the location to continue to move. Turn switch number 1 to the right and switch number 2 to the left of the climber. The tow wire inside the climber starts moving and exits the bottom of the device. Keep the switch on until the towline becomes rigid.
The barbed wire creates a pressure in the brake part of the load by hardening in place and allows the safety wire of the basket to pass through the relevant part. Pass the safety tow wire through the locking brake hole, then insert it through the corresponding hole on the climber and pull the output tow wire from the bottom of the device by hand and pull it to the position. Tie the relevant weights to the tip of the safety tow wire. These weights should not hit the ground. Repeat the above two steps for the left climber.
Using the switch, you can balance the climber basket.
After the climber basket is balanced
Put switch number 1 on two motors at the same time, so you can use both motors.
To raise the basket, turn switch number 2 to the left and bring it to a fixed position, release the switch when it reaches the desired height.
To go down, do the opposite operation above.
Open the electric climber:
Place the basket in balance and horizontally on the floor.
Return the weights installed on the tip of the safety tow wire.
Turn switch number 1 on the control panel to the right.
Turn switch number 2 to the right.
This will keep the switch steady until the load tow wire comes out of the climber.
Repeat all these steps to turn switch number 1 to the left and switch number 2 to the right.
Remove the tow rope next time.
Remove the safety tow wires from inside the climber.

Equipment installed on the climber control panel:

Emergency stop chassis:

In case of emergency, pressing this chassis stops the device.

Control system lamp:

This lamp indicates that it is flowing in the electrical system.

Switch 1:

Allows climbers to be used simultaneously or individually.

Switch 2:

To move down and up.

Net weight of the device42Kg
The weight bearing capacity of each lift400Kg
Cable diameter used8MM
Lifting basket movement speed9M/Min
Tolerable ambient temperature of the device20- up to +60 degrees Celsius
Load test %  25+
Cable weight per unit length0.22Kg/M

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Climber as the best alternative to metal scaffolding (facade scaffolding) has the following advantages:
High economic justification and reduction of financial costs
High security for users
Increase user performance speed and high efficiency
Accelerate installation and assembly
Low volume and reduced occupation of space around the building by the climber
Specifications of professional electric climber:
Climber has a high strength and according to the type of light metal used in its construction, it can be used at different heights and under different pressures.
Two tow ropes are placed on the climbers, one of the tow ropes for the carrier and the other as a security tow rope.
Due to the presence of a brake system in the climber, it can be used at any height.
The climber has a V-shaped braking system that increases with increasing weight.
The climber has a centrifugal braking system (parachute).
Climber gears are made of 8620 cemented steel and have increased heat strength.

The baskets produced for the climber are designed and made according to the type of use and equipment required.

Electric climber basket:
There are baskets designed and built for use with electric climbers.
The tow ropes placed between the devices and the basket protector are covered with suitable covers.
They are designed and manufactured in different sizes according to the type of use and environmental conditions.

How to install climbers on buildings and industrial structures
In this method, special structures with balance weights are used on the building
Roof structures contain a counter counter weight basket, or arm attached to the hinges and support of the climber balance.
A weight of 350 kg is used to create balance on the device.
Due to the installation of special wheels on the balance weight basket, the device can be easily moved in different directions without removing the weights and other equipment.

Use the clip on the turret:
In buildings with retaining walls, the basket is used with these special climber clamps without the slightest damage to the building.
Clamps on the ramp are designed and built according to the type of wall of buildings.
Climber tow wire:
Special tow ropes have been used for mechanical and electrical climbers.
The tow wires are cut in different sizes and to maintain the safety of the cut part, the cut part is pressed with lead and fixed with special clamps.
The other side of the towline is pressed by heat and is suitable for passing through mechanical parts.
Security systems used in electric climbers:
Centrifugal or parachute braking system:

This braking system acts in case of unreasonable acceleration and prevents the device from falling.

This system is also used in elevators under the name of parachute as a security system.

Lining brake system with lining plates:

This system acts like a car brake and prevents the device from accelerating and falling.

With it, professional electric climber can be kept constant at any height.

Reliability increase system with increasing load:

No matter how much the load of the climber or the so-called weight of the user basket is added, this mechanism intensifies the self-braking mode in the climber.

This mechanism locks the climber to prevent various hazards.

Safety brake system and safety tow wire:

An independent security system called security tow rope is also located on the climber. This tow rope operates completely independently and in cases when none of the various security sections mentioned before, does not cause the whole set of climber on this The towline is locked to prevent the climber from falling.

Essentials that must be observed when using the climber device
In order to install and use the device, an 8 mm diameter steel wire tow wire must be used for the carrier and security part.
Each lift has a displacement capacity of 400 kg.
When in the basket of the device, use security devices such as seat belts, helmets, personal safety belts, etc.
Avoid carrying cargo outside the climber and do not use this device as an elevator.
Repair and maintenance of equipment is performed periodically according to the standards and information provided by the introduced service.
Climber basket is used assembled. Do not do this without attaching a 15 to 20 kg weight to the tip of the safety tow wire.
Avoid lubricating the surface of the tow ropes.

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