Nissan DNT115 single-phase foam concrete machine

Nissan DNT115 single-phase foam concrete machine

In DNT115 foam concrete machines, concrete is transferred to the floors by the pump menu, therefore it has the ability to pump materials up to high heights.

In this model, foam concrete machine uses a very large air source to increase the production speed, and due to the large volume of the tank, two air suckers (three cylinders) and two powerful motors are used.

Another very important advantage of this model of foam concrete machine is very easy and fast transportation.

Technical specifications of Nissan DNT115 single phase foam concrete machine


Volume 1.5 cubic meters
Engine 5.5 horsepower Siemens Germany or Motogen
First-class CEW gearbox

Injector foam

700 liter air compressor
Pressure regulator
Two engines of 3 German Siemens or Motogen horses
2 and a half inch foam transfer launcher
Jet pump (Pentax Italy)
Solenoid valve ”

Concrete pump

Pump menu with Behlool or Asia brand
German 7.5 hp engine with gearbox
Pumping height 40 m
Production capacity in a work shift of 70 cubic meters


6.5 inches with 5.5 horsepower engine from Siemens Germany or Motogen


Chassis size of Nissan cargo area
Shipped by Nissan

Electrical panel

Piano model
Hyundai or LG interior parts
15 hp inverter (Telemecanique made in France)


Floor pump “2 inches
High pressure spring hose 50 meters
First-class accessories and valves

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