Lightweight Gas Block Production Line (NAAC)

In the production line of aerated concrete block (NAAC), the raw materials are poured into the molds after being transferred to the central batching and mixing and preparation. The molds, which are placed on special wagons, are then moved to the primary greenhouse on the rails installed in the production hall. After the time required for the initial processing of concrete, the molds are directed to the cutting machines and after the cutting operation, the product is placed in the secondary greenhouse and after the required time, the final product is packed and placed on the pallets. The outside space of the hall is stored.

A lightweight aerated concrete block (NAAC) production line includes various devices or processes and the product is produced when these equipments and processes, in addition to proper operation, can be coordinated with other parts and during the required processes of a predetermined route. To go through. Therefore, in addition to the equipment, coordination between the equipment is also crucial.

Lightweight aerated concrete block (NAAC) production line equipment

Central batching
Automatic control panel
Conveyor for transporting materials
Material weighing system
Cement transport screw
cement silo
Sand depot tank
Central heating system
Electric sieve
Primary greenhouse
Secondary greenhouse
Mold carriage
Hot water supply sources
Cutting machine (longitudinal and transverse)
Rotary cutting machine
Convoy machine
Mold vector
Vector block
Oil the bottom of the mold
Selenone cache device
Steam systems
Heating system

Advantages of aerated lightweight concrete blocks

economic efficiency
High execution speed
Earthquake Resistant
Fire resistance
light weight
Sound insulation

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