بالابر گردان DB1000 (مینی تاور)

Lift DB1000

Swivel lift with the ability to rotate around its main axis, has the ability to carry loads up to 1000 kg. The electrical panel of the device is designed in three phases and has a phase control system to prevent the motors from burning.

Technical Specifications

Amp at start time: 13A
Engine power: 7.5 hp
Full weight: 610 kg
Assembly time: 40 minutes
Mast length: 3 meters
Load capacity: 250 liters
Length of tow wire: 30 meters
Towing wire diameter: 10 mm
Towing wire type: throw all steel
Gearbox model: 150
Freight: 1000 kg
Speed: 20 meters per minute
Chassis dimensions: 250 * 200 cm

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