Foam liquid for concrete (DT400 chemical foam)

DT400 foaming fluid is made for drilling and sewage projects for foam concrete machine and production of lightweight concrete blocks.

It is also one of the best options in the production of lightweight concrete.

The produced floor bubbles have a suitable resistance in the foam concrete mixer.

It is resistant to physical and chemical forces caused by mixing in foam concrete machine.

Maintains its stability during unloading in the formwork and after that until the initial setting of concrete.

This foam with special characteristics is used in concrete foam machines in high altitude projects.

Compatible with the foam structure of the generator and injector.

Production floor bubbles are very compact, fine and uniform, and the water in the bubble is difficult to separate.

Produced concrete has a favorable level compared to other foams in sewer and deep projects.

The amount of foam consumption in proportion to the quality of the foam concrete machine is about 0.8 liters per cubic meter.

It has good compressive strength in lightweight concrete and sewer rods compared to other foams.

Accelerating the drying of concrete, especially in the cold season is one of its benefits

Lack of volume in the final product, especially in the pipes of sewage projects is one of its advantages.

After diluting with water to a certain proportion, the foaming liquid is mixed with air in the foam concrete machine.
Produces a very durable foam in the tank.
The produced floor bubbles have a suitable resistance.
It is stable against physical and chemical forces due to mixing.

Names of vegetable foam, nano foam, acid foam are the only trade names.
Chemical foams are usually colorless or transparent and are used in foam concrete machines.
If you rub some chemical foam on your hands, a foam like soap liquid will form.

Dosage in foam concrete machine:
In foam concrete machines, DT-400 foam is mixed with water in a ratio of 1 to 50.

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