Estimation of initial production cost of NAAC lightweight concrete block Monthly production capacity
100Capacity of machines in two working shifts (cubic meters)
24Number of useful working days per month
2400Monthly production capacity (cubic meters)
Investment required
3,850,000,000Main machines with installation, commissioning and personnel training
600,000,000Land rent, production hall, product warehouse, office building
(1500 square meters)
200,000,000Electricity, gas, water, telephone
400,000,000Auxiliary machine
5,050,000,000Total amount (Rials)
Salary costs (one month)
Amount (Rials)NumberMonthly salary (Rials) (including all expenses)Post
20,000,000120,000,000factory manager
33,000,000311,000,000Accountant, secretary, guard
12,000,000112,000,000Workshop Supervisor
100,000,0001010,000,000Simple worker for two shifts
Cost of raw materials for the production of 1 cubic meter of aerated lightweight concrete block
Amount (Rials)Unit price (Rials)Amount (kg)Description
75,000150,0000.5Aluminum powder
20,00020,0001Other additives
20,00020,000Water + energy + mold oil
20,000Depreciation and repairs cost 5%
627,000Total (Rials)
Variable costs per month
24Number of working days in a month
100Machinery capacity in two working shifts (cubic meters)
692,000Cost of raw materials for the production of 1 cubic meter of aerated lightweight concrete block
1,660,800,000Cost of raw materials for one month (Rials)
All monthly production costs
Amount (Rials)Description
1,660,800,000The cost of raw materials is one month
210,000,000One month salary costs
1,870,800,000Total production costs per month
Cost of one cubic meter = monthly production capacity / all monthly production costs
1,870,800,000All monthly production costs (Rials)
2,400Monthly production capacity (cubic meters)
779,500Cost per cubic meter (Rials)
Profit / selling price of aerated lightweight concrete block: 1,200,000 Rials
34,560,000,000Annual sales (Rials)
22,449,600,000Annual production cost (Rials)
12,110,400,000Annual gross profit (Rials)
Return on capital = total profit / capital
5,050,000,000Total investment (Rials)
1,009,200,000Monthly profit (Rials)
5Return on investment

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