Comparison of pumice and foam concrete costs

Pumice costs include both explicit and implicit. The obvious part only includes the purchase price of pumice, which is calculated in terms of cubic meters, and depending on the type of pumice and its quality, it can be from 35,000 tomans to 60,000 tomans per cubic meter.

Considering that the height of pumice is assumed to be approximately 10 cm, the cost of purchasing pumice for each square meter of the building is estimated at approximately 3,500 to 6,000 Tomans.

But there are hidden costs to pumice. Purchased pumice is delivered to the front of the building and must be transported to the floors. Before pouring the pumice, sand and cement mortar must be applied on all the installations that have been carried out on the floor of the building (water, electricity, gas, etc.).

After transporting the pumice to the floors, a mixture of mortar and cement should be used to prevent the pumice from slipping and settling, which may be done in two different ways. Either the mortar is mixed with the pumice or a layer 3 cm thick is applied on the pumice.

In order for the materials to be used optimally and the floor height to be as minimal as possible, spot chrome plating must be done before plywood (on all surfaces; not just sloping surfaces such as kitchens). All of this involves costs that seem hidden at first glance.

Calculating the cost of pumice assuming the price of each bag of cement is equal to 8 thousand Tomans, the price of each ton of sand is 20 thousand Tomans and the wage of each worker is 40 thousand Tomans.

NumberHidden cost descriptionApproximate value for one square meterBrief explanation
۱Price of sand and cement to cover the surface of plumbing facilities330 TomansAbout 3 bags of cement and 3 buckets of sand are needed to cover the surface of the pipes that have passed 100 meters from the floor of the unit.
۲Wages of mortar workers on facilities400 TomansThe wage that the worker receives for both the transfer of mortar to the floors and the mortar on its facilities.
۳Dot Chrome2500 TomansThis is the lowest cost estimate a skilled builder would receive for doing this.
۴The cost of transferring the pumice to the floors2000 TomansTo fill one square meter of space, approximately one and a half pouches are needed.
۵Price of sand and cement mortar on pumice1720 TomansA 3 cm layer of mortar is applied on it to prevent the pus from slipping and settling. (Or mortar is mixed with pumice)
۶Cost of transferring sand and cement mortar to floors for pumice600 TomansOne cubic meter (15 square meters) of mortar is needed to cover 33 square meters of pumice space.
۷Builder’s wage for mortar on pumice2800 TomansA builder and a worker mortar a maximum of 50 square meters in one day.
۸Cost of prolonging construction timeIt varies depending on the regionIt takes about 25 days to demolish and floor a typical 10-unit building
Total hidden costs10,350 TomansThe sum of all the hidden costs per square meter of flooring without taking into account the cost of prolonging the construction time

You should note that the above list does not include the purchase price of puke

Explanation 1 (Price of sand and cement to cover the surface of plumbing facilities):

In the traditional flooring method, due to the length of the process time and the fact that there is a lot of traffic between people and trucks, it must be covered with sand and cement mortar on the installation pipes that have passed through the floor of the building to prevent damage.

To cover the surface of the pipes that have passed 100 meters from the floor of the unit, about 3 bags of cement and 3 buckets of sand are needed, which costs approximately 33,000 Tomans. And so the cost of sand and cement for one square meter of space is approximately equal to 330 tomans.

Explanation 2 (Wages of mortar workers on facilities):

The two workers need almost a full day to transfer the mortar to the floors and to mortar the installation pipes on a 200-square-meter space. Assuming 40,000 tomans for a worker’s wage, the cost of this work is equal to 400 tomans per square meter.

Explanation 3 (dot chrome)

Chrome plating of roofs, kitchens and other sloping surfaces in traditional methods is done linearly, which costs about 5 thousand tomans (from 4 thousand tomans to 6 thousand tomans), but chrome plating of sloping surfaces is a point that costs about 2500 less. Tomans per square meter.

It should be noted, however, that some manufacturers skip this step and discard the shell without chrome plating; This can increase the cost of construction and reduce the quality.

Because if chrome plating is not done, the created surface will not be level and the stonemason will have to choose the highest part of the floor as his reference surface and raise all the parts with mortar under the stone to that height. For example, suppose the highest point is 2 cm higher than the average point.

Thus, the stonemason has to fill this height of 2 cm by pouring sand and cement mortar. If we consider the area of ​​the building as 100 meters, in this way 2 cubic meters of sand and cement mortar will be used more. This amount means more than 3 tons and 100 kg of sand is needed.

In addition, to prepare this amount of mortar, we need 6 bags of cement (because the mortar grade under the stone must be 150). In this way, both 3 tons and 400 kg will be added to the weight of the building in a 100-meter unit (ie 34 tons in a 10-unit building) and the cost of purchasing sand and cement and transporting and executing it will be imposed on the employer.توضیح 4 (cost of transfer of pumice to floors):

Each cubic meter of puke is approximately equal to 15 fergons. It takes two workers to move each van to the third floor (which is the middle point of a typical five-story building), one at the bottom of the building to fill the van and the other at the top to empty it for 8 minutes.

This means that during a whole day, these two workers can carry 60 puck trucks inside the floors. This amount of pumice, assuming a height of 10 cm, can cover 40 square meters of space. Assuming 40,000 Tomans of wages for each worker and a simple finger calculation, it is determined that in order to transfer the pumice needed to cover one square meter of the floor area, 2,000 Tomans of labor costs must be paid.

Explanation 5 (price of sand and cement mortar on pumice):

Because the pumice is normally thrust and has no compressive strength, it should be mixed or coated with a 3 cm layer of mortar. For this purpose, in a surface of 33 square meters, one cubic meter of sand and cement mortar is needed, ie one and a half tons of sand and 3 bags of cement. (Considering that the weight of one cubic meter of dry sand is 1550 kg). Approximately 1720 Tomans per square meter should be spent for the purchase of sand and cement.

Explanation 6 (cost of transferring sand and cement mortar to floors for pumice):

The calculations in this section are almost identical to those in Figure 4. With the difference that instead of pumice at a height of 10 cm, mortar at a height of 3 cm is considered. Therefore, the transfer cost of this amount of mortar is 0.3 pumice transfer cost. That is equivalent to 600 tomans per square meter.

Note 7 (Construction fee for mortar on pumice):

As you know, to control the pumice and prevent it from slipping, a 3 cm cover with sand and cement mortar should be applied on it. For this purpose, we need a builder and a worker. A builder and a worker mortar a maximum of 50 square meters in one day. The wage of a builder is 100,000 Tomans in one day and the wage of a worker is 40,000 Tomans. Therefore, with a thumb account, it is clear that a mortgage of 2800 Tomans must be paid for mortar of one square meter on the pumice.

Note 8 (cost of prolonging construction time):

Suppose a ten-unit building with an area of ​​100 square meters is ready to be delivered 25 days later. The average rental price of each building unit, depending on the location of the property, is 2 million Tomans.

In this way, due to the waste of time resulting from the demolition, about 16 million tomans of damage will be inflicted on the owner of the property. If we consider the total floor area of ​​this building as 1200 meters (including units and roofing), that is, for each square meter is about 14 thousand tomans, the damage of prolonging the construction time.


NumberHidden cost descriptionPokemonization methodExecution of foam concrete
1Price of sand and cement to cover the surface of plumbing facilitiesthere is an expenseThere is no cost
2Wages of mortar workers on facilitiesthere is an expenseThere is no cost
3Dot Chromethere is an expensethere is an expense
4The cost of transferring the pumice to the floorsthere is an expenseThere is no cost
5Price of sand and cement mortar on pumicethere is an expenseThere is no cost
6Cost of transferring sand and cement mortar to floors for pumicethere is an expenseThere is no cost
7Builder’s wage for mortar on pumicethere is an expenseThere is no cost
8Cost of prolonging construction timethere is an expense

There is no cost

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