Electric climber

Electric climbers have different capacities for carrying loads. In the above climbers, the synchronizer system (Anti tilt), the power cut-off system at a certain height (Top Limit Switch), the overload system, the winders, etc. are considered.

Technical Specifications

25% load test
Cable weight per unit length 22 kg / m
Tolerable ambient temperature of the device -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
Net weight of the device is 42 kg
The weight bearing capacity of each lift is 500 kg
The cable diameter used is 8 mm
The speed of moving the lifting basket is 10 meters per minute


Device alignment key
Emergency power switch
Overload signal lights
Ability to increase the length (work surface) up to 24 meters
Useful capacity up to 1000 kg
Ability to assemble and disassemble quickly

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