As you probably know, one of the basic tools in today’s construction industry is climbers. Construction elevators such as Turkish design elevators, electric climbers, revolving elevators or mini towers are among Datam’s climbers. Which are also offered as rental climbers. Climber is a temporary structure that helps the main structure and also helps workers and technicians a lot. To use it to move building materials as well as to move themselves.

There are different types of climbers according to different types of construction work and different needs. Some scaffolding is still used in some projects. Scaffolding made of wood in ancient times and metal in recent times. Any tool must have the necessary strength and endurance for the work of workers on it and sometimes the placement of heavy construction materials and tools. In this article, we will look at the different types of tools used in construction for this purpose.

Types of scaffolding and construction climbers

Here are 7 types of construction climbers or scaffolding:

Individual scaffolding
Double scaffolding
Vaulted scaffolding (hand dog)
Building tripods
Metal scaffolding
Special scaffolding


1. Single or individual scaffolding

Basically, this type of construction scaffolding is mostly used for bricklaying. Also called brick or wall scaffolding. These old scaffolds usually include standard flat plates that run parallel to the wall in front of them. They are usually installed at intervals of about 1 meter and twenty centimeters. The standard length of each board should be something between 2 and 2.5 meters. These boards must also be installed completely horizontally with a standard vertical distance of 1.2 to 1.5 meters. The scaffolding is also placed in front of the wall as shown below to ensure both its strength and the ease of work of technicians and workers. Scaffolding should also be placed at a vertical distance of 1.2 to 1.5 meters.

داربستهای جفتی

  1. Pair scaffolding

    These scaffolds or building structures are generally used for masonry. Also called masonry scaffolding. In stone walls, it will be very difficult to make holes in the wall so that scaffolding can be installed with the help of those holes. Therefore, two rows are made according to the plan to make the structure stronger. The first row is 20 to 30 cm away from the wall and the other is 1 meter away from the first row. The scaffolding is then placed where it is supported by both skeletons. To strengthen it, shanks and braces (a kind of reinforcement of building structures) are used, which is also called independent scaffolding.


    داربست های پایه دار

    1. Base scaffolding

      The standard for the construction and execution of this type of construction scaffolding is based on a tool called a needle. A set of industrial needles protruding from holes in the wall. This type of structure is also known as a single-frame scaffold. In the other case, these needles are used as clamps inside the floor through the opening to control weight. They are called independent or double skeletal scaffolds or skeletal pairs. You must be very careful and careful when installing this type of structure.

      In general, this type of scaffolding is used under certain conditions, such as:
      When the land under construction is not strong enough.
      When the ground near the wall is empty of traffic.
      When the upper part of the wall is under the main body of the building. Like the building in the picture below:



      1. Climber

        In this type of building structure, there are surfaces and platforms that are used through cables and chains for endurance and weight control. There are also different types that can go up and down using an electric motor. To reach the desired area for work. This type of structure can be used for various purposes. Such as building repairs, punctuation, painting, facade washing and many other things.

        سه پایه های ساختمانی صنعتی

        1. Construction tripods (industrial)

          In this type of structure, the main work platform is placed on the ground by moving tripods. A tripod that can also be made as a ladder according to the image. This type of scaffolding is generally used for indoor work. Like paintings or interior repairs that are done. The height of this type of scaffolding is usually about 5 meters.

          سه پایه

          1. Metal scaffolding

            Metal scaffolding is made of metal rods and tubes connected by metal joints and fasteners. It’s very easy to set up and assemble. It has a very high resistance and durability and is also able to withstand fire. But it is not economical at all. Although it provides more safety for workers and technicians, in some situations and for some uses, other options such as climbers may be more appropriate. However, this type of structure is widely used today.

            داربست های فلزی

            1. Dedicated scaffolding

              These types of scaffolding are also made of metal, but are equipped with special fasteners and joints. These types of structures are ready-made scaffolds that are always available in the market. In this type of scaffolding, the work platform is adjusted and moved by special fasteners. Which can be adjusted based on the height we need.

              داربست های اختصاصی

              All of these structures and tools can be used in a variety of spatial conditions, but climbers can help projects in many situations where for various reasons these scaffolds cannot be used. They have high safety and can also meet the much more diverse needs of scaffolding by using modern technology. Also, if you do not have the budget, companies like Datam Climber will offer you rent.

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