Climber replaces facade scaffolding

A lifter known as a climber.

From the device to access the facades of high-rise buildings, dams, bridges, silos, oil tanks, etc.
Uses of Climber:
1) Repair and maintenance
2) Cleaning
3) Painting
4) Install the composite panel
5) Reconstruction and display of high-rise structures
This device is connected to two support legs by winch motors with tow wire.
Two support legs are installed on top of the building with four tow wires to the winch motors inside the basket.
The climber has emergency brakes inside the winch motors, and separate tow ropes are attached to the brakes to prevent falls. One of the advantages of this system is its safety.

Mechanical climber:

In mechanical climbers, the basket is moved by hand.
By turning the winch, which is connected to the holding wires, the climber moves
This leads the basket up and down.

Electric climber:

In electric climbers, the basket is moved by an electromotor system.

Special moving keys are used to move the climber up and down.

There are no restrictions on the use of this device for buildings and towers.

This device can be used in most projects.



Climbers are mainly in two groups:

1- Portable clipper

These devices can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Portable climber can be used permanently or temporarily in a building.

After finishing the work, he collected the device and directed it to the warehouse or another building.

This equipment consists of two main parts:

A- Roof structures:

Basket, balance weights


Beam or arm related to hanging points

Balance or support

Anti-slip tow

B- Climber personnel basket:

Electric gearbox and power box

Safety Brakes

Power cable

Towing wires that hang from roof structures

Synchronizer system

Power outage system at a certain height

Overload system

Collect cable and و

The length of the arm in the roof structures and the number of weights required for the climber in the resistive force section depends on the final capacity of the device.

The type of electric gearbox is selected according to the length of the platform and the number of people working on it.

The length of the climber platform usually varies from 2 meters to 24 meters.

The capacity of climber motors varies from 400 kg to 1000 kg.

How to calculate the number of weights required for the climber holder is calculated according to the following formulation:

Actuator arm length × Actuator force

____________________________  ×    3      =  Strength (number of weights)

Resistant arm length



2- Climber system

Climbers that are designed and built for skyscrapers or very tall buildings.

This type of device, in addition to vertical movement at the height of the building on the horizon and also on the Z axis, have the ability to move automatically.

Types of climber systems include:
A. Mono Rail Systems

In this case, rails are laid around the building.

The entire platform moves electrically or manually horizontally around the building using the Trolley system.


Railing of this device can be done in two ways, which are:

Facade of the building using special devices called Wall Mounted Bracket

On the roof floor with handles called Roof Mounted Boackets

B- Free Standing machine systems

In these systems (roof machine), the horizontal movement of the device is provided by a wheeled machine that moves on the roof.

The whole platform hangs from the arms mounted on this machine on the façade.

Roof work

C- Rail rail car systems

Which are in fact a combination of rail climber and roof machine.

Roof work rail

D. Telescopic systems

In fact, they are installed at a central point on the roof and their canvas is telescopically back and forth, left and right, and at the end of it, the platform is connected with the relevant equipment that can hang the climber in different parts of the facade.

  • In the world, the best alternative to facade scaffolding for buildings are all kinds of climbers.
    Since the climber systems are in suspension mode, it is not recommended to work on them in conditions where the wind speed is more than 15 knots.This device can be used in two ways of buying or renting in projects, which will be very cost-effective compared to scaffolding. 
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