Climber rental

Ask us to rent a climber at the best price.

Datam Civil Development Company is active in the fields of climber production, climber import, climber sale, climber rental and climber repair.

There are two ways to use the climbers of the Civil Development Company

Buy Climber
Climber rental
Buy Climber

In some projects that take time to complete the project, it is cheaper to buy a climber, because after the project, the device can be moved to another project or sold second-hand, in which case you will have a return on investment.

Climber rental

Rental of climbers is much more economical than renting metal scaffolding, and in addition to the advantage of being economical, it has other advantages such as more safety and more speed, and so on.

The climber used in each project depends on the height and openings of the building facade.

Technical specifications of the device for renting a climber

Rental climber engines are ZLP engines or Turkish design engines.

This device has the IPI standard of Iran.

Lifting power of each climber motor is 300 kg

The lifting speed of the machine basket is 11 meters per minute.

This climber device has 4 types of brakes for more safety.

The height of the climber device is unlimited and can be applied and used for all types of buildings.

The length of the climber basket can be from 1 to 6 meters according to the customer’s order.

Tow wire 8.

To get a free consultation, contact the company’s experts to offer you the best option at the lowest cost.

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