Climber price

Climber is more affordable than scaffolding

By comparing the price of a climber with renting a metal scaffold, it can be understood

Climber is a device with great price and very high speed

Climber machine is very safe for workers and much faster than other methods of working on the facade due to having a basket.

In high-end projects, the use of professional climbers, the price of climber of this model is very reasonable

Climbers are available to dear friends in the form of sale and rent.

To find out the price of climbers, you should call the company

Sales experts to inform you about technical information and climber prices

Types of climbers based on the type of project design and the client’s need for access, are selected by our company experts and designed specifically for your project.

It is noteworthy that due to the fact that Datam Civil Development Company represents various brands from European and Asian countries.

The country of production is one of the most influential factors on the price of devices.

Factors influencing the price of climber devices include the capacity of the motors, the length of the platform in the portable climber system.

Therefore, in order to make the right decision for choosing an applied climber system, it is better to give your project information to the company’s experts, so that they can provide you with the best advice to choose the best option from among the various offers.

Other advantages of the climber in addition to reasonable price, long life and low maintenance costs and unlimited in terms of height and high speed can be mentioned.

In addition to the price of the climber, which is very suitable, it has the following advantages


Overloaded system or increase reliability with load

Security braking system with independent security tow wire

Parachute brake wire and simple climber

Ease of transportation

Simplicity in installation

Simplicity in maintenance


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