Climber is better or scaffolding

At present, due to the increase in high-rise construction in the country and the need to access all levels of the facade for construction, as well as service and maintenance of the facade, the use of metal scaffolding in terms of ease of access, speed, security and practical economic justification Is not.

The following is a comparison of scaffold rental rates and access to the facade by Climer:

If the total area of ​​the facade is assumed to be approximately 6000 square meters.

The rent per square meter of scaffolding should be calculated at 15,000 Rials per month.

The total monthly rent of the scaffold is estimated at 90,000,000 Rials.

According to the estimated time period for the execution of the facade (approximately 6 months), the total amount of scaffolding rent is estimated at 540,000,000 Rials.

The amount obtained is equal to the purchase of several portable climbers, with the difference that the scaffolding contractor opens the scaffolding pipes at the end of the work and transfers them from the project to his warehouse, but the purchased climber systems can also be transferred to the client’s new project. has it .

Also, it can remain in the project for service and maintenance of the facade after the completion of the construction of the project

Portable climber machines with a length of 6 to 5.7 meters and a capacity of 600 to 800 kg are the ideal and most economical models for use during project construction (scaffold replacement).

In the above approximate estimate, in case of purchasing 2 to 3 portable climbers, while providing safe conditions for workers while working at height and increasing the speed of executive operations, less space disturbance will be provided for the yard and facade of the building.

The comparison is based on hypothetical numbers, figures and duration

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