Climber components

In general, the use and function of all climbers is the same, and the most important point is the shape of the structure that the components of the climbers change according to the shape of the structure.

Each climber has 7 parts

Winch foot motor:

The main and most expensive part is the motor climber or winch, there are currently two types of winch, manual winch or electric winch, the choice of winch depends on your desired capacity and speed in the structure.

Basket or platform

In this part, users are placed and this basket is between 1 meter to 6 meters long and changes size depending on the length of the structural openings.

The width of the climber is 80 cm and the height of the life guard is 110 cm at the back and 80 cm at the front (due to the work assembly).

In front of the basket are wheels that make it easier to move on the facade and make the basket easier to move on the facade and prevent oscillating movement due to wind.

Emergency braking system

On both sides of the basket, there are two emergency brakes called parachute brakes, which for any reason tear the main tow wire to prevent the device from falling and overturning. Each brake can withstand a weight of up to 1500 kg.

Roof metal structures (inhibitors)

These structures are made to connect the tow ropes and to control the weight of the baskets. These structures are moved separately to the top of the building and are assembled together by bolts, balancing weights. At the end, the supporting structures are placed inside the support basket.

Towing wire

The tow wire used in climbers is a grade 8 tow wire, which is used in the motors section of the 6-strand towline and in the emergency brakes section of the 8-strand towline.

Roof balance weights

Roof weights play an important role in stabilizing and preventing the basket from overturning, and the weight of the weights should be calculated through the formula.

Electrical panel

The control and electrical system that exists to guide the climber is the operator, both going up and down and controlling the device.

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