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Datam Civil Development Company has been active in the production of foam concrete machines since 2010 and the launch of lightweight concrete block production lines, NAAC and CLC, then the production of lightweight concrete raw materials such as chemical foam and protein foam. High-rise buildings and cooperation with large construction projects in the country began its activities in the field of climber production, climber rental and climber sales. Datam Civil Development in 1390 by improving the quality and quantity of its executive projects by using modern engineering knowledge in order to implement construction projects, buildings, landscaping, expanded its activities in this direction by establishing relations with European countries and visiting projects Civil engineering led to the transfer of new technologies, including the Klimer debate, into the country.

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About Datam Civil Development Company


Datam Civil Development Company operates in the field of light block production line production, production of various types of foam concrete machines, production of chemical foam concrete foam, execution of foam concrete and sale and rent of electrical and mechanical climbers in construction projects

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